Time & Space

It's been a little while since my last release. I've been slow cooking in as many facets of my life as I can. As Dolly Parton says (albeit in a different context) -
"I'm gonna hurry (as slow as I can)'". I think she's onto something.
She generally is.

I am excited to finally share this range with you. It is the result of the ingredients below, coupled with practicing some patience.   

I had the opportunity to have the beautiful Manisha Anjali modelling this range. We collaborated on some statements that I thought might help during these times & perhaps allow for some rest, reflection and healing.

Below are excerpts of her beautiful writing.


I have delved into a lot of Jim Morrison's writing to get comfortable again with the unknown.


"I can place myself anywhere in time or space. I can, I am"



Finally, I thought I'd share with you the playlist that is infused in the collection. 

I begin each range by building a soundtrack that I add to as the range begins to form.

Perhaps you'd like to listen to it, if so please find it below. Or find it here





The photoshoot for this range was brought to life by this talented team:

Photography : Stephanie Cammarano

Muse: Manisha Anjali

Beauty: Emma Craddock