Elle-Louise Burguez

Elle wears the Remie blouse & Bisou skirt

Elle-louise Burguez - a multi talented musician, artist, writer, aspiring twerker...who has kindly shared what she’s been up to of late.

How are you coping with isolation & what have you enjoyed about it?

The guilt free time to re-establish what is most important to me but staying home, connecting with loved ones, creating from a pure place... I love not feeling that I desperately need to achieve something right now.

What are you working on?

I have been making a music video, studying math, French and Pilates.

Do you have any rituals you could share with us?

Pray/send love to close loved ones and the world, swim, dance to music, practice twerking 🤣, faces mask, study etc...

Lastly, any listening/reading recommendations?

Reading- ‘The Fountainhead’ and Listening- ‘Luke Temple’