Though we are constant inhabitants of the unknown and certainty will never be entirely in our grasp, we structure our lives- we need to, for a sense of purpose, to achieve things, to instill a sense of clarity. 

What's occurred to me evermore in the light of the pandemic is the shock that comes with the loss of structure and control. It's dizzying, uncomfortable and creates genuine panic and pressures on us economically, mentally, socially.

I have tried to take this time to focus on the expansion of mental freedom and mental health, I have days with it that are more and less successful, but ultimately I feel lucky to utilise this time to listen to my mind and body. 

I wanted to create a space that shares my own writings and those of others that I've found helpful as well as some rituals centered around mindfulness. You're welcome to reach out with your own tips if you'd like to.

If unstated, the writings are my own.

With love,